EMPIRE Magazine Issue 145 Ben Affleck, Jean Reno, David Duchovny (July 2001)


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‘Pearl Harbor’ a ball-busting production and a bank-busting budget with JERRY BRUCKHEIMER  BEN AFFLECK, JOSH HARTNETT, KATE BECKINSALE … (12 pages)

Public access: DAVID DUCHOVNY on X-Files, basketball, raunchy rumpos … (4)

‘Lord of the Rings’ takes Cannes by storm with SEAN BEAN, PETER JACKSON … (3)

New Films: ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Shrek’, ‘The Mummy Returns’ BRENDAN FRASER, RACHEL WEISZ, ‘Before Night Falls’ JAVIER BARDEM … (11)

HEATHER GRAHAM ‘Boogie Nights’ sex bomb turns up the heat … (2)

‘Shrek’ A fairy tale satire that takes sideswipes at Disney’ Dreamworks’ dynamos talk us through their pixel-packin’ perfection … (6)

JEAN RENO The Leon King – there’s more to him than playing hip hit men … (3)

FRANKA POTENTE in person ‘The Princess and the Warrior’  (2)

CHRIS ROCK is he the funniest man on earth?  (3)

‘Ghostbusters’ the full story revealed  (4)

Cinematographer JACK CARDIFF, visionary from ‘The Red Shoes’ to ‘Rambo’  (5)



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