CELEBRITY LIVING Magazine – Nicole Appleton, Brad Pitt & Jennifer, Lenny Kravitz, Tim Henman (June 2004)


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Domestic Rockstar NICOLE APPLETON & LIAM’S home decorating battles!  (6 pages)

BRAD PITT & JENNIFER ANISTON’S Beverly Hill Mansion  (6)

Musician LENNY KRAVITZ’S funky retro house  (7)

KEYHOLE – Your Guide to A-List Living 16 Pages include:

Biggest & Boldest Celeb Homes, MARTIN LAWRENCE BULLARD on the Hollywood Trend, Celeb Hangouts No1: Greenwich Village, Celebs with the Most Homes

TAMARA BECKWITH’S WORLD Eclectic, Spanish-style LA home  (7)

TIM HENMAN redeveloping his Barnes home  (6)

Neat-freak DANI BEHR – star storage  (2)

DONNA AIR – secrets of her antique-chic home style  (5)

COMPACT LIVING unlocks star secrets – 8 page guide          Houses to Fulfil Your Dreams  (4)

Broadcaster LISA L’ANSON’S ‘Chill Factor’ – light and warmth  (7)

Recreate your favourite Movie-Room Sets  (6)       A Luxury must-have: home cinema system  (4)

RELAX, KICK BACK, star-style Dens, bedrooms & living-rooms  (7)

The ‘OC’S Star CHRIS CARMACK’S Surf Shack  (5)      Create an Italian Palace at home ‘STING’ Style  (8)

‘FAUX TOFFS’ A-Listers investing in blue-blooded history – VINNIE JONES, JAY KAY … (5)    and much more…….













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